I'd say close your eyes, but then you wouldn't be able to read this. So instead, imagine this: you're with your favorite person, listening to calm music, chatting about life, and watching the sun either rise or set. Sounds relaxing, right? Life is crazy, and it's good to take some time to enjoy life. You don't have to go on a week-long trip to Hawaii to relax, you can just show up to a ready-to-go picnic in your backyard or wherever you want. 

Morning Picnic_10.jpg


All you have to do is show up (of course you have to reserve the date, sign the fun forms, yadda yadda). You don't have to bring anything, buy anything more, or clean up anything. You've got enough going on, so I want to keep this simple for you. You can either do a sunrise or sunset picnic, whatever you're feeling. Each picnic will be tailored to whether it is for sunrise or sunset and for what you enjoy. As you and whomever you bring enjoy your time together, I'll be there to capture those memories. And gentlemen, this is a great date idea, way to propose, or just impress your girl without having to do a thing (you're welcome). 


I include all basic travel expenses in my pricing. What're the basics? Basic travel expenses include basic transportation, parking, and food. My picnics are for the Wisconsin and Minnesota region, but if you want to go further, be sure to reach out for continental US pricing! I'm ready to have a picnic in the mountains, and I'll go there in a heartbeat. 



+ One hour picnic

+ Complete set up and clean up

+ Help with finding a location

+ Enhanced and lightly retouched images

+ Online gallery

+ Custom USB flash drive

+ Print release for personal use

+ All basic travel expenses included

+ A great and fun time



* Sales tax not included.

* Clients are responsible for paying any additional travel related costs including, but not limited to, travel via four-wheel drive roads with appropriate vehicles and guided transportation, helicopters, ferries, gondolas, cable cars, float planes, bush planes, funicular trains, etc. All basic travel fees are included.

* A 50% non-refundable reservation retainer is required to reserve your date.

* Prices subject to change without notice.