hey there

I could put a lot of fluffy, warm words here, but I'd be surprised if you're even reading this to begin with. As you stock my site, you'll see a lot of blurry and grainy photos, and if that's not your thing, I'm probably not the photographer you want. Alright, that's enough from me. 



I'll bring my everything and do what I can to make sure you have a good time, but to have a good experience, you have to want a good experience. To get candid photos, you have to be willing to be candid. If you want to have fun, you have to be willing to have fun. I'll get you dancing, tell my worst jokes, and run around with my cameras, capturing moments that'll become art.

your photographer

While photography is a big part of my life, I ultimately want to serve Christ with my life. However that may happen, I want to keep spreading love and the Gospel to wherever I'm led. I also believe making Christ the center of any relationship is key. We love because He first loved us. Having a connection with your photographer is super important, and I'd love to get to know more about you and for you to learn more about me.