Life’s adventure captured in a photo (or two)

Whether you've been planning your intimate wedding for years, or you're just looking to have a date captured, I'm here to help you along the way.

How does this work?


Get in touch

Unfortunately, I can't read your mind, so reach out to me to reserve your date and we'll get planning! Not sure on a date? No worries, that can be figured out later.



Before we meet in person, we'll have a few calls to get to know each other more and to plan the date or intimate wedding. This step is very vital and takes the longest, but it's so worth it.


the shoot

We'll finally be able to get together and have an amazing time. I'll capture all of the special moments as they happen and let you and your partner enjoy your time.


Gallery delivery

After we're done, I'll get to work editing your photos. You'll receive an online gallery where you can download digital images and purchase prints.

Am I the right photographer for you?

Do you want photos because you think you have to or because you want to?

If you don't like having your picture taken and you're just getting photos because you think you have to, I'm not the photographer for you. I want to work with people who want to be there and are just as excited about the experience as I am.

Do both you and your partner want this experience or does just one of you?

Just because you are excited doesn't mean your partner is as well. If one of you doesn't want to be there, the photos will show it. I want to work with couples who are equally excited to spend time together and have memories captured. You can't love an image if you don't love the moment.

Are you going to apply presets or filters to my images or ask for a specific style?

If so, I'm not the photographer for you. You're not only hiring me for my experience, but you're also hiring me for my style. I want you to be with a photographer whose work you enjoy.

Will having an intimate wedding upset or cause issues with your family?

I don't like drama, and while I understand not wanting problematic guests to attend or you just wanting to include those closest to you, I don't want you to ruin relationships or cause family drama. If anything, a conversation with your family on why you're doing an intimate wedding can prevent any hurt feelings.

Are you flexible when things don't go as planned?

We'll do our best to plan, but sometimes things don't go as planned. If you're not willing to be flexible when things maybe go a little of course, then I'm probably not the photographer for you. Some of the best moments happen out of spontaneity! Nothing and no one on this earth is perfect (even though I might say "perfect" 1000 times during a shoot), so let's no have unrealistic expectations. We'll do our best and that's what counts.

Are you ready to have an amazing time?

If so, I'm the photographer for you! I'll probably be running on a Celsius and high on life.